Terms of Service

All our services are bound by this terms of service(s) and also SLA applicable according to this terms.

Acceptable Usage:

  1. BTRC permitted usage is acceptable.
  2. A2P, Transactional SMS, Notification & Alert, Information and all positive business communication practice is accepted.


Restricted Usage:

  1. Usage that contradicts with BTRC approved usage.
  2. Any promotional SMS in between 12:00Am – 06:00Am
  3. Any Promotional SMS during prayer times.
  4. Any SMS that violates DND status.
  5. Illegal SMS 
  6. Goes against Bangladesh Govt. laws and legal provision.
  7. Anything that promotes terrorism.
  8. Any kind of personal SMS.
  9. Promotional SMS that is not validated by the BTRC. (Template Approval)
  10. International A2P SMS


Payment Policy:

  1. No refund is available once a payment is made.
  2. If any payment needs to be reversed only the reversible amount can be credited as account balance to acceptable service.
  3. 5% VAT is applicable to transaction amount.
  4. Payment gateway charge will be payable by the client/payee.
  5. No service balance will be refunded by any means.


KYC Verification & Approval:

  1. NID and Trade license is a must to have verified KYC status.
  2. Without KYC verification no active services will be entertained.
  3. For Limited Company, Certificate of Incorporation & TIN is a must.
  4. For any company that deduct VAT at source must submit BIN and verify it at KYC level.
  5. Phone number must be verified before starting KYC verification process.



  1. All terms can be changed at any time without any prior notice.
  2. Terms can be changed according to BTRC regulations anytime.
  3. SMSQ, Q Technologies Limited can terminate, suspend any service or account without showing any cause any time.


This term is applicable from 01st July, 2021.