Promotional SMS

Blast To Every Corner You Need!

Cheapest price, biggest impact

Ring your every potential customers phone

Engage your customers all over Bangladesh with ease. Our redundant routes & fail safe system ensures your text delivers instantly and mostly when you and your customer need it the most!

Trust the infrastructure, built for reliable communication at any scale.

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Pay As You Go

Simple & Straight
0.15 Per SMS
  • One flat price, any volume

Business Blast

0.10 Per SMS
  • Minimum volume 500K

SMS campaign management

Robust web platform to set, manage & go!

SMS marketing campaigns are not just set and blast, there are thousands of marketing data management and campaign tools to make any campaign successful. 

We arranges all your required tools under one place to ease your SMS campaign management.

Also technical features are highly important to follow up any campaign. Everyone seeks for results and we made it simple to keep things together!

Support for Any Character Set

Unicode character set support allows you to send in any language including Bengali, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, etc.

Delivery Report

Receive real-time delivery notification of messages sent globally. Track delivery rates and performance of your accounts.

Long Message Concatenation

No more split messages. Long messages are automatically concatenated across global networks seamlessly.

Message Queueing

Send multiple SMS messages in a single API request. We handle the message queueing for you so you don’t have to build it.

What about a campaign responder?

Definitely your customers will respond to your campaign! Where to receive or process them?

...or an auto responder?

You received a campaign response by customers, now its your turn to respond back ASAP!

Be The #ONE

When SMSQ backs you, be the market LEADER

Build, integrate, and troubleshoot issues faster. Focus on building the features that differentiate you and be number one in your the market.