Connecting Possibilities

Powering connected businesses since 2020

Q Technologies Limited, registered under the RJSC, Peoples Republic Of Bangladesh, serving A2P messaging services as a BTRC Licensed Aggregator since 2020.

In our magical journey from 2020, Q Technologies Limited launched SMSQ, VoiceQ & QCloud brands to fulfil the demanding fields of business communication with technological advancement. Since then we are empowering thousands of businesses and professionals for their operations for IT needs.

We are holding ISO 27001 standard infrastructure including physical installation, power safety and backup, network security and self healing IP infrastructure, state of the art disaster recovery, usage of green power, advanced cooling with low emission technology, your business IT operations can get the maximum performance, security and scalability like no where else while keeping the earth safe and clean, keeping the reliability stays above everything.

With an active partnership with Telecoms, IPTSP & PSTN Operators in Bangladesh, we have coverage to every end user even in the most rural areas of Bangladesh. The way Bangladesh keeps it journey towards complete digitalization, being a part of this magical journey is our utmost happiness by all means. Numerous Govt. services are now being served in every single seconds by us, enabling the most rural parts stay connected with the information highway.

As we don’t want to limit our journey towards endless possibilities, we never closed our path with vision milestones! Let our work and passion generate the vision all by itself. Our focus into innovation more than just acquiring the technologies will lead new doorways for everyone- now and tomorrow- everyday.